Bradley Cooper Nominated for Best-Actor—Interview

Bradley Cooper Nominated for Best-Actor—Interview

Bradley Cooper Nominated for Best-Actor

Bradley Cooper was recently nominated for “Best Actor” in “Silver Linings Playbook,” opposite Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro, who were also nominated for “Best Actress” and “Best Supporting Actor.” In his recent interview with A Distinctive Style, Cooper talks about the stigma against mental illness.

Q: What was it like working with Jennifer Lawrence, you’ve done it twice now?

Bradley Cooper: Yeah, back to back. Very lucky, I feel like I latched onto a secret before everybody knew about it. She’s incredible. She’s just an incredible actress and such a professional. It’s easy. I would do every movie with her.

Q: How did you prepare for a role like this in Silver Linings?

Screen Shot 2013 01 11 at 12.41.34 PM Bradley Cooper Nominated for Best Actor—Interview

Bradley Cooper in “Silver Linings Playbook”

Bradley Cooper: The guy you play obviously has some mental issues. Did you visit a hospital? There wasn’t much time, but David (O. Russell) sent me some material and a bunch of videos. I went online and I remember there was one thing; I saw a documentary of a guy who had recorded his own depression and mental illness for years. And I remember thinking that I could relate to it, the way it was written. It’s set in Philadelphia, and the relationship with the father and the mother, I know that world. So you make connections.

Q: Do you think love is the answer to cure illnesses?

Bradley Cooper: This guy meets a girl and then all is fine? Well I don’t think he’s cured. I don’t think the message is that he’s cured, I mean as life goes on, he’s made improve­ments. Did you get the feeling that he was cured?

Q: No, but he looked different in the end.

Bradley Cooper: Clearly. You see a guy who’s gotten his shit together, for sure. He doesn’t believe an illusion like he does at the beginning of the movie.



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