Houses made with 70-80% recycled materials

Houses made with 70-80% recycled materials

 Houses made from 70-80% recycled materials

Profound and Visionary Home Building

What an unbelievably unique take on housing and architecture! Dan Philips creates houses that are made from 70-80% recycled materials. The creativity he puts to use is as impressive as the tons of materials he saves from the landfill. You will see decorative details made from eggshells and bottle caps. You will see rooftops made of license plates! You will see water faucets for the bathtub made of a Budweiser beer Screen Shot 2013 01 24 at 11.59.45 AM Houses made with 70 80% recycled materialstap!

His philosophy is that our collective mindset of perfection is what creates all the waste. From the builders to the homebuyers to the marketers- everyone demands adherence to sterile, conventional norms. If a 2x 4 isn’t perfect, it goes in the dump. Dan Philips instead incorporates these blemishes and organic processes.

See all the materials he saves that were headed for the landfill- even vintage stoves! Hear his astute, original and truly amusing take on why we have come to tolerate this level of waste.

In 1998, he and his wife, Marsha, started The Phoenix Commotion, in Huntsville, Texas — a construction company that builds affordable houses from reclaimed and recycled materials. Their mission is to divert landfill waste while creating sustainable housing for single mothers, artists, and families with low incomes. The houses are energy-efficient, cheap and satisfying to build — and wildly, effervescently creative.

In the design process, we have to consider how design linked our social life and people’s perspectives.

There is consideration of his work:

  • Architecture related to human being and natural life. What human need and consideration of nature in our life. So, Dan Phillips design his architecture be a naturalism and not waste of materials. He was inspired organic texture and humanism.
  • Industrials revolution started, consumers wasting mass production and materials and also materials price was becoming expensive.
  • Power of mass media and consumption in our society

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