One Mind for Research with Tom Hanks and Friends

One Mind for Research with Tom Hanks and Friends

One Mind for Research with Tom Hanks


ONE Mind for Research 300x140 One Mind for Research with Tom Hanks and Friends


Non-profit One Mind for Research (1mind4research.org) is dedicated to improving research, diagnostics, treatments, and cures for brain disease, mental illness, and brain injury with the goal of reducing the social and economic burdens on our society significantly within ten years. We need your help to launch our initial major research project, the Post-Traumatic Stress-Traumatic Brain Injury Knowledge Integration Network, and our first year of media advocacy to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and brain injury.

FEATURING TOM HANKS! from One Mind Studios on Vimeo.

About One Mind for Research
One Mind for Research is an independent, non-profit organization that is committed to curing diseases of the brain and eliminating the stigma and discrimination they cause. Through collaboration with partners in science, advocacy and corporations, One Mind for Research is working to advance a 10-year plan to cure the diseases of the brain by creating change in the way scientists, health care professionals, NGO and government partners think about and conduct scientific and translational research, and by advancing mental health related public policy.
About Brain Disease
Brain diseases are the number 1 cause of adult disability globally, afflicting, in some form, 1 out of every 3 people. For example, among the psychiatric diseases (i.e. mental illnesses), major depressive disorder leads in prevalence, disabling about 5% of the population to some degree in any given year. Among veterans returning stateside from service in Iraq, 300,000 are estimated to have TBI and/or PTS, adding to the total estimate of 1.5 million Americans living with these diseases. Beyond the emotional pain endured by these individuals and their families, the total lifetime treatment cost for these individuals calculates to about $3.3 trillion. This and the cost of dementia care for our nations’ growing elder population ($400 billion annually now, to triple by 2050) will soon prove beyond the ability of the U.S. economy to sustain—unless neuroscience starts an emergency pace, right now. At a time of decreasing government research funding and pharmaceutical industry’s widespread withdrawal from psychiatric drug R&D, this cause needs public support now to develop the preventions and cures that will protect the brain health of people worldwide.
For more information on One Mind for Research, please visit http://1mind4research.org

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